New permanent exhibition from 4 june 2019

Forms of War

Model of a mortar, late 17th century, Inv. No. A 4420 © Bavarian Army Museum (Photo: Gert Schmidbauer)Under the title „Forms of War 1600-1815“, the Bavarian Army Museum opens a first part of its new permanent exhibition. In addition to a treasury of particularly valuable objects, certain themed rooms will give the visitor an insight into the extraordinary collections of the museum. „Arsenal and Museum“, „The Battle“, „Siege Warfare“ and „The Little War“ are the headings under which the rooms stand.

Staging in the room "The Battle of the Early Modern Period" © Bavarian Army Museum (Photo: Tobias Schönauer)In the early modern period, battles between whole armies formed the highlights of the war. While battles were often not decisive, thousands of soldiers were killed and wounded in a few hours. Pictures, equipment, weapons and archaeological finds show the brutality and suffering on and off the battlefields of the time.

Many campaigns revolved around the possession of some fortified places. There were considerably more sieges than great battles. For the population, however, the so-called „Little War“ was omnipresent. Sacking, raids, rape, and terror were part of this everyday experience of distress and violence.

Pavise of the city of Schongau, end of the 15th century, Inv. No. A 197 © Bavarian Army Museum (Photo: Carlo Paggiarino)Unique exhibits such as rare armor and weapons, paintings, models and textiles show visitors how war and violence shaped this era. Among other things, the new permanent exhibition includes clothing items by a Spanish conquistador, old shields with magnificent coats of arms, a halberd forest, a battle scene from the Thirty Years' War, the first model of Ingolstadt fortress and the oldest wheelbarrow in Europe.