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Treasure Chamber

View into the treasury © Bayerisches Armeemuseum (Foto: Luise Wagener)Of course you will find treasures here as well. For them, a separate treasure chamber was set up in a tower room. Here, however, there is no war booty on display, but rather items that are particularly valuable due to their rarity. Amongst these, a stalking rifle used by Elector Palatine Ottheinrich for hunting or the unique garment of a European soldier from the 16th century, which was found in Peru and is testimony of the early, violent expansion of Europe to the Americas.
Right in the centre of the room, however, stands the so-called Passau armour from around 1350 - a forerunner of the later plate armour worn by the European knights.



Arsenal and Museum

View into the Duernitz © Bayerisches Armeemuseum (Photo: Erich Reisinger)Where does this museum stem from? In the first room, the Duernitz or Knight‘s Hall of the Castle, a large number of old weapons have been put up to indicate that the oldest part of the museum‘s collection goes back to the old arsenals in Bavaria. For centuries, not only weapons for use by the military were stored here, but also valuable memorabilia.
Nowadays, it is important to tell the story of the museum. It was founded in Munich in 1879 to present testimonies of Bavaria‘s past to the general public. At that time, pride was taken in the military feats of the past, especially the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71. But they also began to research things more closely and came into contact with many other museums in the world. Badly damaged in 1945, the museum was moved to Ingolstadt in 1972. Today, the exhibits in the collection are no longer the trophies of old, but testimonies to an eventful history shaped by war and violence.




Coat of Plates, Buckler and Conquistador. Items from the Treasure Chamber of the Bavarian Army Museum (Catalogues of the Bavarian Army Museum 20) © Bayerisches ArmeemuseumCoat-of-plates, Buckler and Conquistador
From the Treasure Chamber of the Bavarian Army Museum
(Catalogues of the Bavarian Army Museum 20)
Edited by Tobias Schönauer and Ansgar Reiß
Neustadt an der Aisch 2021, 232 pages with numerous illustrations, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-96049-090-6

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