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Objekt des Monats

Fernglas, deutsch um 1870, Inv. Nr. 0110-2016 © Bayerisches Armeemuseum

MuseumsleitsystemAccess and parking


MuseumsleitsystemBy car

Bavarian Army Museum (New Castle)

On the main roads into the city, you will see a museum guidance system and car-park routing system to the New Castle and the Reduit Tilly. The museum guidance system directs you only to the New Castle. Follow the orange-brown signs to the Bavarian Army Museum. As an alternative, you can follow the car-park routing system with signs to the “Schloß” [Castle] underground car-park.

The Reduit Tilly with its department on “The First World War” is located on the other side of the River Danube and can be reached on foot from the New Castle in just a few minutes. This path is accessible to wheelchair users, but not recommended.


Parkleitsystem der Stadt IngolstadtMuseum of World War I (Reduit Tilly) and Bavarian Police Museum (Turm Triva)

Follow the car-park routing system to the “Reduit Tilly” underground car-park. From here it is only a few minutes to the entrance of the museums. The museum guidance system does not provide any directions to the Reduit Tilly or Turm Triva. No parking facilities are available in front of the buildings. Buses are advised to drive to the “Brückenkopf” (Reduit Tilly) bus-stop or under the Schiller-bridge (Turm Triva) and let their passengers disembark there.
The New Castle is only a short walk over the River Danube and can be comfortably reached in a few minutes. This path is accessible to wheelchair users, but not recommended.

A lot of navigation systems have problems in reaching the adress "Regimentstr. 28". Please locate the museum before your departure at a map. In Google Maps the the catchword "KIK Klenzepark" will guide you to the beer garden "KIK", which is very near to the Turm Triva . In the satellite-view the massive oval building can easily be catched.

By bus and train

From the Main Station, take one of the bus services to ‘Rathausplatz’ [Town Hall Square] or Paradeplatz [Parade Square] (New Castle). The easiest way to reach the Reduit Tilly and Turm Triva is from the “Brückenkopf” bus-stop.


Driving map (PDF-Download)

Lageplan der Häuser des Armeemuseums © Bayerisches Armeemuseum

Flyer Reduit Tilly © Bayerisches Armeemuseum

Flyer Bayerisches Polizeimuseum 2016 © Bayerisches Armeemuseum


GeschlossenAm 20. Dezember 2017 müssen alle drei Häuser des Bayerischen Armeemuseums betriebsbedingt bereits um 15.30 Uhr geschlossen werden.

Fünfeckturm Neues Schloss © Bayerisches Armeemuseum, Foto: Gert SchmidbauerDauerausstellung im Neuen Schloss derzeit im Wiederaufbau - stattdessen sehen Sie hier die
Sonderausstellung „Nord gegen Süd“

Stadtidentität Ingolstadt © Foto: Erich ReisingerDonnerstag, 11.01.2018, 19.00 Uhr
Es ist Deine Stadt - Stadtidentität braucht gesellschaftliches Bürgerengagement
bitte beachten Sie, dass der Termin vom 9. auf den 11.01. verschoben werden musste!

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